Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Online First articles

Guang-Liang Zhou, Zhi-Wei Sun:
On sums and products in a field
Published online on November 25, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0184-21

Ali Fathi:
Some bounds for the annihilators of local cohomology and Ext modules
Published online on November 22, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0456-20

Ruifang Chen, Lujun Guo:
On the conjugate type vector and the structure of a normal subgroup
Published online on November 18, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0395-20

Donghan Zhang:
Neighbor sum distinguishing list total coloring of IC-planar graphs without 5-cycles
Published online on November 15, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0333-20

Mostafa Amini, Driss Bennis, Soumia Mamdouhi:
$n$-gr-coherent rings and Gorenstein graded modules
Published online on November 2, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0359-20

Yanbo Ren, Shuang Ding:
Necessary and sufficient conditions for the two-weight weak type maximal inequality in Orlicz class
Published online on October 20, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0320-20

Angkana Sripayap, Pattira Ruengsinsub, Teerapat Srichan:
On generalized square-full numbers in an arithmetic progression
Published online on October 14, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0362-20

Gaetana Restuccia, Zhongming Tang, Rosanna Utano:
On the symmetric algebra of certain first syzygy modules
Published online on October 5, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0508-20

Nina A. Chernyavskaya, Leonid A. Shuster:
The Massera-Schäffer problem for a first order linear differential equation
Published online on October 1, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0548-20

Chahrazade Bakkari, Mohamed Es-Saidi, Najib Mahdou, Moutu Abdou Salam Moutui:
Extension of semiclean rings
Published online on September 20, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0538-20

Pu Qiao, Xingzhi Zhan:
The relation between the number of leaves of a tree and its diameter
Published online on September 7, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0492-20

Alireza Khalili Asboei, Seyed Sadegh Salehi Amiri:
On the average number of Sylow subgroups in finite groups
Published online on September 6, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0131-21

Keng Hao Ooi:
On the Choquet integrals associated to Bessel capacities
Published online on August 4, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0525-20

Varayu Boonpogkrong:
Compact operators and integral equations in the $\mathcal{HK}$ space
Published online on July 29, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0447-20

Shaoxiang Zhang, Huibin Chen:
New Einstein metrics on Sp$(n)$ which are non-naturally reductive
Published online on July 29, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0491-20

Wei Gao:
The Randić energy of generalized double sun
Published online on July 28, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0463-20

Laiyi Zhu, Xingjun Zhao:
On Bernstein inequalities for multivariate trigonometric polynomials in $L_p$, $0\leq p\leq\infty$
Published online on July 26, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0531-20

Dušan Pokorný, Luděk Zajíček:
A characterization of sets in ${\mathbb R}^2$ with DC distance function
Published online on July 15, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0228-20

Horst Alzer, Man Kam Kwong:
Inequalities for Taylor series involving the divisor function
Published online on July 15, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0464-20

Krishnarjun Krishnamoorthy:
Generalized divisor problem for new forms of higher level
Published online on June 21, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0451-20

Ramil Nasibullin:
Hardy and Rellich type inequalities with remainders
Published online on May 12, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0325-20

Arya Chandran, Neha Elizabeth Thomas, K. Vishnu Namboothiri:
A Menon-type identity using Klee's function
Published online on April 16, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0370-20

Farzaneh Ramezani, Peter Rowlinson, Zoran Stanić:
Signed graphs with at most three eigenvalues
Published online on March 5, 2021 as doi: 10.21136/CMJ.2021.0256-20