Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Vol. 60, No. 2, 2010 · Contents

Peer Christian Kunstmann:
Navier-Stokes equations on unbounded domains with rough initial data

Wei Shi, Liying Kang, Suichao Wu:
Bounds on Laplacian eigenvalues related to total and signed domination of graphs

Rovshan A. Bandaliev:
The boundedness of certain sublinear operator in the weighted variable lebesgue spaces

Horst Martini, Margarita Spirova:
A new type of orthogonality for normed planes

Romi F. Shamoyan, Olivera R. Mihic:
On some inequalities in holomorphic function theory in polydisk related to diagonal mapping

Dengyin Wang, Haishan Pan, Xuansheng Wang:
Non-linear maps preserving ideals on a parabolic subalgebra of a simple algebra

Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja, Grzegorz Plebanek:
On sequential properties of Banach spaces, spaces of measures and densities

Ying Liu, Yu Qin Sun:
On the second Laplacian spectral moment of a graph

Tanweer Sohail:
Cohomology of configuration spaces of complex projective spaces

Robert Ralowski, Szymon Zeberski:
On nonmeasurable images

A. Abkar, B. Jafarzadeh:
Weighted Sub-Bergman Hilbert Spaces in the Unit Disk

Jerzy Krzempek:
Components and inductive dimensions of compact spaces

Vichian Laohakosol, Suphawan Janphaisaeng:
Quasi-permutation polynomials

Zhongyuan Che:
Existence of perfect matchings in a plane bipartite graph

Jizhu Nan, Yufang Qin:
Structure of unitary groups over finite group rings and its application

Francesc Tugores:
Interpolation of bounded sequences

Milan Matejdes:
Upper quasi continuous maps and quasi continuous selections

Bounit Hamid, Driouich Adberrahim, El-Mennaoui Omar:
A direct approach to the Weiss conjecture for bounded analytic semigroups

Abbas Najati:
On generalized Jordan derivations of Lie triple systems

Michael J. Evans, Paul D. Humke:
Two classes of Darboux-like, Baire one functions of two variables

Mieczyslaw Borowiecki, Piotr Borowiecki, Elzbieta Sidorowicz, Zdzislaw Skupien:
On extremal sizes of locally $k$-tree graphs

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