Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal

Vol. 52, No. 4, 2002 · Contents

E. Bravyi, R. Hakl, A. Lomtatidze:
On Cauchy problem for first order nonlinear functional differential equations of non-Volterra's type

I. Dobrakov, T. V. Panchapagesan:
A simple proof of the Borel extension theorem and weak compactness of operators

J. Jezek:
Termal groupoids

F. S. Cater:
Note on a variation of the Schroder-Bernstein problem for fields

Libor Vesely:
Chebyshev centers in hyperplanes of $c_0$

Zhou Bo:
Generalized indices of Boolean matrices

Jozef Dzurina:
On unstable neutral differential equations of the second order

Angelina Y. M. Chin:
A note on semilocal group rings

J. R. Graef, C. Qian:
Global attractivity of the equilibrium of a nonlinear difference equation

Gary Chartrand, Ping Zhang:
Extreme geodesic graphs

Jong Yeoul Park, Jeong Ja Bae:
On the existence of solutions for some nondegenerate nonlinear wave equations of Kirchhoff type

Jan Jakubik:
On product $MV$-algebras

J. Jezek:
Three-variable equations of posets

Cheng-Dong Zhao, Qi-Min He:
On the center of the generalized Lienard system

Ondrej Dosly, Jan Osicka:
Oscillation and nonoscillation of higher order self-adjoint differential equations

Antonio Attalienti, Michele Campiti:
Bernstein-type operators on the half line

Roman Fric:
Lukasiewicz tribes are absolutely sequentially closed bold algebras

Bohdan Zelinka:
Edge domination in graphs of cubes

Jan Jakubik:
On orthogonally $\sigma$-complete lattice ordered groups

Jacek Gancarzewicz, Noureddine Rahmani, Modesto Salgado:
Connections of higher order and product preserving functors

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